Dangerous Herbs: Do Your Homework Before You Work With Them

Mugwort This herb is widly used for enhancing visions and communing with spirits.   Be warned that in large doses it is toxic.  Use with caution.
Valerian Valium is derived from compunds found in Valerian.  It is common practice to add this herb to Mead and other alcoholic drinks.  The combination can be dangerous in large quanities.
Wormwood Wormwood is toxic in moderate doses by itself.  Mixed with alcohol it is both dangerous and addictive.   The practice of using Wormwood oil applied on the skin for joint pain can result in poisoning.  Its a useful herb but use it with care.
  Very Dangerous Herbs
Belladonna This herb directly effects the heart and can be deadly in small doses.   Potency varies from plant to plant so use it only if absolutly necessary. 
Hemlock This herb has been used for more than three thousand years as a poison.   There is no valid use that requires ingestion.  Don't use it.
Henbane In the US this usually refers to Datura commonly called  Jimson Weed. It was used extensively in flying ointments along with other herbs.  The potency varies widely from plant to plant and locality to locality.  Avoid using it under any circumstances.  It can kill you. Under no circumstances ingest any part of the plant, especially the seeds.  Burning the plant and inhaling the smoke is equally dangerous.   Don't use it.
General Warning Even the most beneficial herb can cause unwanted symptoms if used to excess.   Over dosing with the herbs on this page can produce serious poisoning and in some cases death.  Do your homework and know what you're drinking, sniffing or rubbing on your skin before you start.  Remember that modern medicine has lost much of its knowledge of herbs and their actions.  This can make it difficult for doctors to treat herb overdoses.