Hi and Welcome to Freyja.org

The acquisition and restoration
My name is Nicholas and I currently run this site. I acquired this domain via auction in November 2014. As I was doing research on the history of freyja.org, I learned that the site had been registered in 1996 by a man named John McClenny. I was able to see what his website looked like back in 1998 and how it has evolved over the years. I could not believe that he would have just let the domain name expire. So I kept researching. It turns out that John McClenny passed away on March 10, 2013. So that is why his website became available. Continuing my research I saw another owner had acquired the site and put up a blog to sell pet food. After a year, that owner failed to renew their commitment to the domain name which is where I came in. Before I had done my research, I was ecstatic to own such a great name. I've always been interested in Norse Mythhology and I've always loved Fridays!

Call me a sap, but John put in some work in creating a site he felt was useful to the community and offered his knowledge to any who cared to read his work. Since my other projects for this site are not yet ready, I've decided to restore Freyja.org to its original purpose. I'm sharing John's work at my own expense and I'm making no attempt to profit from his work. I simply wish to display the content to anyone looking to know more about the Goddess Freyja, runes, magic, herbs, seidr and more.

For now here is what Freyja.org looked like in 1998. I'll be including more years as I have the time. Also, please take note that some of these pages are now incomplete. I was not able to recover every file. So if you are an old visitor and you happen to have some of the missing pieces of this website puzzle, I would greatly appreciate any assistance in helping to restore the pages to 100%. View Freyja.org as she was in 1998

Also, while stumbling through the archives on the internet, I found some other pages with forgotten knowledge. I may upload some of those pages as well as time permits.

Thanks to relotixke for the awesome picture.